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NVAEYC Spring Event

8:15-8:30: Member check-in/registration
          **Members Only Breakfast**
8:30-9:      Annual Member Meeting                           for NAEYC members
 8:45-9:     Non-Member check                                    in/registration
9-12 pm:   Choice of workshop 
                 -Movers and Shakers OR
                 -The Beat of a Different Drum
May 5th, 2018
8:15 am - 12 pm
$40 Non-Member Price
Arlington, VA

Join NVAEYC as we celebrate a year of high quality, engaging Professional Development Series with our Annual Member Meeting and workshops with Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artists.

Members of NAEYC receive FREE registration to this event and FREE coffee provided by Dunkin Donuts and breakfast items provided by Whole Foods Market to enjoy during our Annual Member Meeting! Check your inbox soon for your special members only code. There are limited seats for each workshop so don't miss out!

Discovering STEM through Dance and Drama

Terlene Terry-Todd, Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artist

Looking for new ideas and creative experiences to enhance your STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum? This workshop introduces a variety of age-appropriate ways to use arts strategies to teach selected science curriculum such as physical science (the sun, moon, and earth’s rotations), Earth science (clouds and atmosphere), recycling, and engineering practice, while making strong connections to literacy and the scientific method of discovery. The early arts learning (EAL) fundamentals in movement and drama will provide the basis for new arts-integrated experiences created by you! This hands-on, interactive movement workshop will get your creative juices flowing as you become the next STEM movers and shakers! 


Goal: To learn and practice creative arts strategies in dance and drama that can be applied to STEM curriculum.

Music and Drama Strategies for Children with Special Needs

Valerie Bayne Carroll, Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artist

In this workshop, teachers will learn performing arts strategies targeted toward building social-emotional skills in children with special needs. Art strategies such as call-and-response singing, creative movement with steady beat, guided dramatic play, and the exploration of books through music appeal to children with multiple learning styles and inspire enthusiastic interaction. In addition, children learn life skills such as listening and turn-taking, and how to be independent but also part of a group. 


Goal: To learn how music can be used as a tool to extend and enhance learning experiences of children with special needs.

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