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Professional Development

NVAEYC aims to fill the professional development needs of early childhood educators by providing cost effective series of 4 workshops each in various locations across Northern Virginia. Participants can choose to register for each series as a whole or select individual workshops to attend. 

NVAEYC 2019-2020 
Professional Development Workshop Series

"The Relationship Between Challenging Behaviors and Sensory Integration Concerns"

Presented by: Beth Kimlick

Location: Purcellville Children's Academy, Loudoun, VA

Four 2 hour workshops $70 

Behavior challenges look different depending on the cause of the behavior. Children with challenging behavior experience difficulties throughout their day and miss opportunities to socialize with their peers as well as be available for learning. This workshop series will look at areas that contribute to challenging and difficult behaviors in the classroom and provide specific strategies to help change these behaviors. 

"Embracing Variations in Development"

Presented by: Joshua Metz, LCSW 

Location: Sequoia Plaza, Arlington VA

Four 1.5 hour workshops $60 

Over the course of 4 workshops this series will look at challenging behaviors commonly found in the early childhood classroom. Participants will study the causes of behaviors, strategies for prevention, and teaching problem solving skills as well as foundations of social-emotional development, developmental red flags, and how to build an alliance with your parents. 

"Reflective Discipline in the Early Childhood Classroom"

Presented by: Jacky Howell 

Location: St. Stephens UMC, Burke, VA 

Four 2 hour workshops $70 

This Series will look at positive discipline vs. punishment in the early childhood classroom as well as ways to foster social-emotional development and community  with your children and families.

"Finding Math and Science in the World Around Us"

Presented by: Peggy Ashbrook & Wendy Wall
Location: Christ Presbyterian Preschool, Fairfax, VA

Four 2 hour workshops $70 

In this workshop series participants will explore how math and science is all around us. We will use seasonal themes and everyday materials often found in the early childhood classroom to identify new and creative ways to discover math and science concepts.